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Namo Shakyamuniye Thathagathaya, Homage to Historical Buddha!


Ultimate Karma is the quintessence app of Buddhism, Bodhisattva Way of Life and Pureland of Ultimate Bliss.


This app includes ten virtuous actions, six paramitas, Enlightenment meditation crossing to the other shore, Sutras, triple gem, mantras, awakening of true reality and overcoming ignorance the cause of cyclic rebirth existence. Cyclic rebirth existence consists of mental and physical suffering, suffering of change, and suffering of regulations.


If you wish to be reborn in "the Buddha realm" and at final birth before Enlightenment, this Buddhist app is a must download and will make you reborn at Pureland of Ultimate Bliss on a lotus flower! This app also shows how one is reborn in God realms.


Play for yourself and for the benefit of all sentient beings! Namo Amitabhaya Buddhaya!


Buddhism Quintessence in under 10 - 15 minutes!
Rebirth at Pureland of Ultimate Bliss!
Pureland of Ultimate Bliss Quintessence!
Bodhisattva Way of Life!


Ultimate Karma app is developed by Karma Web Group LLC.

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